iPhone Barcode reader now integrated with Safari/Dialer/Mail

Stefan Hafeneger has released the latest version of the Barcode application, and it is now available at the App Store.

The decoding now supports both DataMatrix and  QR code format, but more importantly it supports the extraction of the data for use with Safari (encoded data has to be a URL), Mail (encoded data has to be an email address) and Dialer (encoded data has to be a phone number). Here is a free online DataMatrix barcode generator to try for yourself.

The decoding actually does not seem to work as well as it did in the earlier version, but think of the possibilities opened by the ability to send to a barcode, open a barcode in Safari or dial a barcode…

4 thoughts on “iPhone Barcode reader now integrated with Safari/Dialer/Mail”

  1. The barcode reader on the iPhone and the integration with phone calls and internet searches open up a slew of very exciting opportunities. Any idea when Apple plans to upgrade the camera on the iPhone to allow product bar codes decoding?

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