BarCamp Bank San Francisco 2 coming in 2009

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The 2nd edition BarCampBank San Francisco will take place on Saturday April 25 and April 26 2009 on Treasure Island.

BarCampBankSanFrancisco (BCBSF) is like a day long version of going out to lunch with a bunch of really smart people who share your passion for finance and innovation.

It’s designed to foster discussions on the future of financial services, particularly related to banking. The program is informal and the sessions are created the morning of the event, based on what participants want to discuss. This helps keep the agenda relevant and also allows people to more easily connect with those who have similar interests.

There will be folks attending from startups, financial services companies and the media.

You can register to BarCampBankSF2 here.

Here are some pictures of the first BarCampBankSF.

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