A store for products that don’t exist yet

How do you let Apple know that you want the next release of the Mini to include a Blu Ray player and how much you’d be ready to pay for it?

What about an online store that includes some of the many product concepts designed by Apple fans such as the MacCube concept below? or a product configurator of existing products that includes features not yet available from the manufacturer but that exist as technologies or as third-party add-ons?

Seems like something identified by the VRM promoters.

Only problem: would Apple care?

Apple cube computer concept

links for 2008-02-21

Introduction to RDFa

RDFa is the W3C’s proposal for the lowercase semantic Web. As such, it is similar in spirit to the microformats initiative, but strives to leverage existing W3 work such as RDF. Manu Sporny produced an educational video on RDFa that you can watch below.

As Manu reminded me on the uf-discuss list, this video is more for education than for evangelization. Also, some aspects that I am personally interested in are missing, such as: drawbacks/features comparison and cohabitation with microformats, or explanation of choices made, but it is nonetheless very clear and quite entertaining for a topic that many would probably find very boring.