My panel submission for SXSW10: “not-so-random acts of kindness”

I submitted the following panel to SXSW10. Please vote for it if you would like to see it happening.

Mobile technology makes the real world a massive real-time multi-player play ground. This is a unique opportunity to move away from “work and no play” or from the “this for that” of traditional money, towards motivating people to spontaneously provide good experiences, and collectively evolve towards more indirect forms of reciprocity.

Questions Answered:

1. Do achievement badges influence behavior more than monetary rewards?
2. Do people donate more when their donations are publicized to their social networks?
3. Will gifts be taxable?
4. Is scarcity a myth?
5. Can supply and demand be matched in better ways than through the market?
6. What motivates people to do good?
7. How does traditional money play along with new forms of social recognition?
8. How do we avoid social capital bankruptcy?
9. Are reputation based systems necessarily following a power law distribution?
10. Can we avoid the tragedy of the commons by relying less on money?